Founder of RW Dimensions, Feng Shui Master and Chinese Metaphysics expert, Raymond Wong, gained an authority on this ancient art form from various Feng Shui masters around the world. Having practiced Feng Shui for more than 15 years, his objective is to consistently create positive results in modern society through the use of Feng Shui.

Mr. Wong specializes in Classical Feng Shui and BaZi Destiny Reading and offers various types of Professional Feng Shui audits such as audits for landed properties, high-rise buildings, offices and shopping malls, as well as township planning. He is also armed with skills such as the Art of Face Reading and other Chinese Astrology services. This allows him to accurately choose auspicious dates for important events like opening ceremonies or product launchings.

Throughout his vast experience, he has also grown popular amongst clients all over Asia, such as China, Hong Kong, Singapore and even Australia, where they seek his consultation and Feng Shui design expertise in residential and commercial sectors including shops, restaurants and Multinational Corporations (MNC).

As an esteemed Master in Metaphysics, Mr. Wong, on multiple occasions, has been invited to impart his wisdom to established companies locally and overseas. Whether in English, Mandarin or Cantonese, his talks and seminars can be tailor made to suit the occasion, audience and needs of his clients. Armed with his passion and seasoned experience in the ancient art, Mr. Wong is able to effortlessly interact with the audience and communicate his teachings.

Result-orientated and practical when it comes to Feng Shui audits, Mr. Wong strongly believes that this ancient art of Feng Shui and Destiny Reading can help to promote superior harmony and success for any individual. For those in doubt, the proof of his practice is reflected in the success of his clients’ businesses and personal lives.